Self belief is the only energy & protection you have to create positivity


We recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have spiritual, social and cultural connections to their traditional lands and waters. We pay our respects to our Elders past, present and future.



FULLBLACK Motivation is a brand to stimulate and reignite the human spirit to thrive in the day to day work of being human. Based from ancient philosophies of 'GUD PASSEN' Kinship Wisdom is founded from Kanat's ancestral bloodline: stories & influence of the human spirit, inner strength and self-belief.

Imbedding Wisdom Paradigms from Ancient Worlds


This philosophy is derived from knowledge, knowing and upbringing of First Nations man, Kanat Wano. Translating learnt Cultural Wisdom principles into workplace participation, practice, disciplines and culture.  

Enhancing workforce wellbeing, innovative practices, connection, growth & retention. 

His senior leadership roles & influence in modern industries & sectors gives life to dynamic workplace platforms towards enhanced workforce capability, practice, productivity & change-management.

Kinship Wisdom Workshops


KINSHIP WISDOM has sustained the oldest living culture in the world. Participants will journey into a sphere of their own learning of this concept, to influence their own self-learning for their workplace motivation and practices & satisfaction, self-Learning, self-awareness for increased participation & growth. 

This resource framework is adaptable to makes it real, relevant & authentic to your unique workplace needs and aspirations.  

(*A program has set parameters & drivers.)  

Workplace evidenced-based applications to enhance your workplace, utilising your workforce data to shape the resource to your specific and unique needs.  


Workforce Participation

Kanat has innate abilities and strengths to work and inspire all sections and groups within a workforce sphere.  

To translate and incorporate self-development principles into the personal context of the participant. To enhance their participation and productivity as individuals and as valuable effective team members in their workplace. 

Sharing Kinship Wisdom ideology and methodologies for personal & professional development. 

• Respect 

• Selflessness 

• Integrity 

• Custodianship 

• Trust and Cooperation. 

Enhancing workplaces hearts and minds to anchor into personal and organisational practices. This focused learning presents an outcome to achieve and enhance ethical and virtuous practice. To inspire connectivity, contribution and virtues within the core of organisational functions.

This workplace resource is a guiding overarching framework towards self-critical thinking and self assessment for staff.


Kanats Background

Kanat has a successful  (30 +) years professional career in leadership roles in modern Australia. This has given Kanat the platform to translate and bring together his ancestral ideology into a powerful resource for the workplace. Based on his own journey in the corporate government and Not for Profit sectors. 

Integral to his apex of connection. Kanat is fortunate to have been able to accumulate his personal and shared learnings of foundations and concepts of KINSHIP paradigms. Coupled with his sensitivity and openness to observe and adhere to the Wisdom construct, (a fundamental cornerstone of Kinship ideologies, practices and sustainability), Kanat’s exceptional abilities in program development, has assisted him to translate these concepts into a dynamic modern workforce resource for capacity development and enhanced performance .

Recent Kinship Wisdom Workshops


Bundaberg, QLD

KWFM working recently with these awesome ladies. These ladies shine - thanks for the photo!


DFAT Pacific Islands Womans Leadership Program

I shared a Workshop panel of men from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands & Australia and spoke to various session groups. Very enriching shared experiences all round. My general theme was Self Awareness - How your influence by disciplined behaviour can be a powerful & positive Leadership force. (Discipline to habit, then routine)


Brisbane, Qld

I was a guest speaker at the Climate Change in the Pacific Summit, hosted by DFAT.

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