Striving to Thrive

Striving to Thrive

Healing 2 Believe - created by Kanat Wano



  Inspired by Kanat Wano’s (3) personal influencers - his late parents and late wife - plus 30-plus years of service in community development, witnessing the perpetual-continuum of individual, children, families and communities trauma-denial of access to equity in Australian society


  H2B - shared story-lines enhance Human Spirits to dominate -
reinvigorate, restore, recharge refocus - life-quality. Theories,
Practices with Wisdom & qualified research - casting a strong hand to
others including families, children and individuals entrapped in the
‘Slide’ ponds of hopelessness, despair and turmoil.


Join the construction-sites for red-orche brick roads and pathways to the cleaner waters at the ‘Survive’ ponds and ultimately to the crystalline waters of ‘Thrive’ ponds - (*H2B Healing Ponds Theories)

  A shared journey to strengthen service providers/practitioners towards healing mindsets to assist dismantling client myths of “circumstance', defining who you are’ reinforcing key messages of healing to place people where and what they can be. H2B will share logic and research to provide a healing service delivery concept, redefining treatment focus to healing focus. Implementing healing factors to mobilise people’s shift from predicament to betterment.
Professionals working within social services sectors, servicing growing case loads of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander clients will walk away with a ‘WOW’ factor and with tools to create mindsets extending past ‘protective factors’ we place for targeted ‘risk factors’, to the concepts of ‘healing factors’ a dynamic mindset to mobilise self-belief for self-betterment.

Kanat’s road to Healing 2 Believe.....

Kanat’s Healing 2 Believe Roadmap to build on....

  Aided and abetted by influential person’s, centered from his mother and father’s virtuous upbringing of truths, justice, kindness, faith, self belief. Fueled and Energised from amazing Indigenous men and woman, a determined and robust wife, Judy (now deceased) and non Indigenous
Social Justice humanitarianism. Commenced influential belief, of SELF.
  Regulating and rejecting THEIR bullets and arrows of self-destruction into submissive balance. To BELIEVE and reaffirm his mindset of SELF-LOVE. Completely rewriting the scripts of his trajectories of life into a completely 

rewarding World View. His current World View and Lens determining his life now radiates  self-focus, self-learning, self-discipline and authentic soul-bearing truths



....his story translated into learnings and 

development for others to transform  their lives to reinvent themselves in all 

aspects of life. He will share this LIGHT in his many seminars. Targeted and Generic public speaking, social-political imaging, one-one coaching and mentoring. A road map and GPS to find Authentic-Self. Kanat impacts H2B into all sessions delivered to specific targeted audiences in program delivery and his generic Speaking Events. All stemming from the RoadMap & GPS of Healing to Believe.