Striving to Thrive

Striving to Thrive



FULLBLACK - TCD is the business arm of FULLBLACK Pty Ltd. This company is 100% Indigenous owned and operated.


  Mr Kanat Wano CEO and Lead Facilitator founded this company from spending over 36 years as a Community Development facilitator in a plethora of industries including; Commonwealth and State Government agencies, All Sectors of Children Education, Business Development, Staff Professional Development, Corrective Services, Homelessness, Employment, Marketing, Mental Health Promotion, Community Engagement. Working across every State and Territory in Australia and the USA & Canada with the United Nations. All within Community Development parameters and applications. Given his Meriam First Nations (Torres Straits) heritage and his children from Bidjarra
First Nations (Central Queensland). Kanat advocates social justice outcomes in all his community development endeavours and aspirations. Building his concepts from Australia’s First Nations capability-building as a baseline to universally advocate for all Australian’s access and equity.



  A major business unit of FULLBLACK-TCD are their vibrant brokerage services to assist individuals, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Organisations, NGO’s, Not for profits and Corporate-Commercial sectors to develop fully authenticated Nationally Recognised
Training VET Certificate and Higher pathways.
‘Cherry-picked’ to uniquely match industry/workplace unique needs.
Full authentic consultations and a proven process to nut down the training and upskilling of workforce development, to enhance workforce performance.
A brokerage service to source your prospect suppliers; to match your unique nature of work industry, your location, your demographics, your strategic growth going forward and your workplace now saving you time and money.

How it works

Kinship Road to Success


Kinship Road

Indigenous Recruitment Agency Healing to believe, by Enhancing Cultural & Spiritual Potential 

with Capability, to sustain strong, capable and diverse workforce talent in community. 

Kinship Road is a culturally enhancing supportive recruitment and workforce 

development agency.

'Our Red Ochre Brick’ Statement of Purpose:

“to share together - kinship systems - building roads and pathways to cultural, social, economic self-empowerment for Indigenous individuals, families and communities” The present days constructs of ‘Healing’ to drive this purpose. A Kinship Road for First Nations developing a Sense of Freedom to not only survive but thrive in this modern world. Kinship Rd, is a culturally viable and accessible organisation working with our clients to create self-sustaining pathway opportunities for First Nations communities to join the workforce to escape social and economic disadvantage, on *Red Ochre Brick paved roadways (*Cultural significance)

Our Services

 We aim to share and contribute to First Nations prosperity; Apportioning access and equity to greater pathways for career and business development. We are living in a time when the prospects of a fairer, more inclusive future - proper recognition of the past- to enhance our  communal capacity. Working together in genuine partnerships to deliver meaningful and lasting change. Contributing to core futures

Our core values

 “enhance spiritual healing to nurture and grow sustainable prosperity”

\We do this by enhancing and creating: 

1. Opportunities to support young people into apprenticeship 

programs in labour hire industries,  

2.Indigenous staff training & development, employment & economic accessibility & participation.

3. Workforce development workshops foundations from 60,000 years of culture and kinship structures 

4.Community development workshops to assess needs and link Indigenous people to identified positions Indigenous-First Nations authentic participation and contributions to Australia. 

We are more than a recruitment agency.

Healing Enhancing Sustaining